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BDANSE ist eine projekt des französischen coreographer Emilio Calcagno, der versucht comicklassiker in tanz umzusetzen, meine aufgabe war es Little Nemo neu zu interpretieren. in Angoulême auf dem diesjährigen comicfestival wurde es uraufgeführt, BDANSE, 2010

Children or Adults, all are fascinated by comics. Lines and bodies mix in the project Bdanse to embody with flesh what exist on papers. That way, it is made possible to feel again our childhood’s emotions and to get closer from the drawing through this original look on comics. Both arts share common characteristics, such as space construction, narration, expression of a feeling by a line, a movement. Both stage bodies expressions by a movement. This is only fair that those two arts meet at last. Bdanse does not only aim to associate artistically with an author but also to reconstruct through the art of dance his intimate and graphic world. The project will explore specificities of the comics art, and its relations to choreography: scenography, installations, drawings, intimate world, set or costumes...